Zodiac Forecasts for The Year of the Monkey

The Monkey is the playful spirit of the Chinese zodiac; always ready with a joke or a trick. In the Year of the Monkey get ready for some twists and turns. Money is an important ingredient in this Year of the Red Monkey; red because it is in the element of fire. Status will be another issue on the agenda this year and we could see lots of leadership changes at the top. Especially in the finance industry and, perhaps, Treasurers and Finance Ministers, may find themselves at the centre of controversies around the globe.

Watch your investments and make sure that you read the fine print. Closer to home it is behoven upon us all to take responsibility for our own fiscal realities. Don’t go blaming others after the fact, be vigilant now and don’t believe the hype. Monkeys like to hype things up and make a song and dance about it all. Stay calm and centred, and try not to get caught up in the drama. There are opportunities for those who can remain unfazed. Economically these opportunities may present themselves in the wake of those who have unfortunately gone down with the ship.

Zodiac Forecasts for The Year of the Monkey

Currency markets may be quite volatile in the Year of the Red Monkey. Rising and falling currencies can affect exchange rates for the tourist and travellers. Be careful about how you exchange your currency when travelling, as there could be opportunities for profit and losses could occur for the unwary. Avoid black marketeers in countries that have these elements in play. Be vigilant when bartering in Asian countries to avoid being ripped off unnecessarily. Keep your traveller’s cheques and money close to your person in a safe place when in public places. Astrology and numerology, often come to the fore in the Year of the Monkey.

Monkeys can be quite vicious when provoked, so avoid quarrels and disputes when travelling. Remaining calm and centred, whenever possible, is a good strategy to follow at the best of times, but in the volatile Year of the Monkey it is a must. Avoid political arguments when out and about in foreign countries; especially in the current political climate. Keep your focus on the pathway, wherever you are, don’t get distracted by fireworks. It is easy to lose your way in unfamiliar circumstances, especially when travelling far from home. Don’t stray too far from the beaten track this year; keep your eye on the signs.