Well-Spoken Chinese Presenters in Demand

Well-spoken Chinese presenters are in demand for English-speaking tours around China for Westerners. Do you speak very good English? Is the timbre of your voice very attractive and a good representation of our Chinese country? In that case you can get a job as a presenter on one of these popular tours. Imagine being able to tell the story of your great nation to the foreign hordes; what a proud position to be in. Narrating some of the many achievements garnered by the heroes and heroines of the Middle Kingdom.

Well-Spoken Chinese Presenters in Demand

Attractive and well-spoken Chinese presenters will be assured of good remuneration for these important positions. An attractive speaking voice is vital if the applicant is to be successful in applying for this position. Based on the well-known truism that ‘they do shoot the messenger’, especially if he, or she, sounds like a screeching owl in pain. Dulcet tones will sell the story of China’s rich and rewarding history, much better than adenoidal pitches of harsh sounds. A warm and nurturing voice can be honey-sweet to the ears of its listener. The tours will then enjoy their time as audience for our tour guides.

Across the land from Beijing to Shanghai, Szechwan to Altay, and Hangzhou to Qoqek our tour buses are crying out for well-spoken tour guides. Get on board and pin your microphone on and start talking; your country needs you. Tell our stories to these visitors and tell them proudly. Tell them of the mighty Qing dynasty and its battles to unite our great nation. With a population well over a billion people we have many such stories to tell of our histories. The mighty Yellow River has countless stories to be told. Our country covers 9.6 billion square kilometres and every patch has a story to be shared.

From the Tibetan Plateau all the way to the Pacific Ocean history has accrued like money in a Swiss Bank. Dynasties have come and gone like waves crashing into the beach; always to be replaced with another. The Communist Party of China waves the red flag now over the capital. Memories of Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai flutter across brain cells like rice thrown at a wedding. Children of the revolution stand together and their shadows are hardly seen. Chopsticks hover above an empty bowl. The wind blows across a chasm; and it will be the story that you tell that makes an impression. Speak well about your country and know that you serve the pages of our history.