Tours of China for Deaf People

China is a visually impressive nation to visit and the rich Chinese culture is alive with colour and pageantry. It is also a big country making it ideal for tourists of all persuasions. Chinese cuisines are famous all over the world, as Chinese migration has taken their dishes to markets throughout the West and beyond. Tours of China for deaf people are taking off, as both hearing impaired tourists and tour companies are realising the potential for enjoyment and profits. The Great Wall of China is no impediment to the deaf hordes now on its doorstep.

Tourism in China is big business, with more than sixty million people visiting the country each year; making it the third most popular destination in the world. The mix of urban and natural wonders make it a vibrant and dynamic place to visit. Disabled tourism is just getting started really, we already have plenty of medical tourism happening in China, and busloads of people who share the same disability is kind of cool in a way. It also allows organisers and venues to properly accommodate these people at the time. Good preparation is what makes any adventure a success.

Tours of China for Deaf People

The Cochlear Implant has made so many things possible for deaf people, like tours of China and other similar adventures. This wonderful invention has reduced the impact of hearing loss and turned up the sound on life. Audiologists have been singing the praises of this inner ear functioning replacement for many years. It takes the deaf out of leopard for head bangers. And puts the def into clearer sound definition. Watching the Chinese New Year celebrations without the clash of the symbols and the fireworks is just not the same.

Make sure that you visit China’s mountains, they are beautiful and magnificent. Mount Tai, Mount Hua, Mount Song, Mount Hua and Mount Hengshan are the Five Sacred Mountains. The Taishan massif snakes its way through Shandong and stands as sentinel over the lands and Chinese people. There are many waterfalls in south-western China, which are visually impressive and some say spiritually charged. A visit to Huangguosho Waterfalls will be well worth the trip, this group of waterfalls in Guizhou are very famous. There are many spectacular lakes in China as well. The Tianchi, or Heavenly Pool, lies almost two thousand metres above sea level and over a hundred metres deep; it is a divine spot to sit and contemplate.