Marketing on the Mainland: Opportunities in Travel

There are many marketing opportunities when travelling in China. It is a very big country and there are very many people, some 1.391 billion people in fact. Marketing on the mainland: Opportunities in travel are opening up every day in so many possible ways. What do people want? They want good experiences and mementoes of those good experiences to take back home with them. They want good food to eat and tasty drinks to wash it all down with. Tourists want to see and hear colourful things, shows and performances. So, there are sponsorship opportunities for smart companies that wish to be associated with such positive excitement.

 Marketing on the Mainland: Opportunities in Travel

You have a group of people that are under tight direction; a market at the mercy of those in control. The tour bus is their constant vessel and their prison to some degree. What is on the walls on display is a platform offering advertisers the opportunity to communicate a highly repetitive message to this audience; whether it be through TV screens or signage. Members of this tour bus can be given caps, pens, coffee mugs and clothing items all embossed with a company sponsor logo. Together they are a bonded team and this makes for a fertile audience in psychologically terms.

When they see amazing new things together they want to talk and share with each other about what they have seen. Experiences shared are reinforced by this kind of behaviour; another powerful opportunity for sponsors to cement their positive association with good times. Companies that are involved in the travel business through things like traveller’s cheques, credit cards, international mobile phone carriers, guide books and travel websites can all take advantage of this captive audience to promote their products. Marketing strategies like these don’t get much better.

The digital world needs to pair with real live experiences in the sensory realm to consolidate its impact and travel marketing makes this possible. The tourist, if properly guided, is an incredibly fertile marketing portal, and a whole group of them together is a great opportunity for marketers everywhere. You can sell to, and, more importantly, create brand ambassadors via these tourists if your marketing and the tour are well managed. China is a big new experience for these people and they will want some corporate friends to share the journey with them. Familiarity in the right places can ease some travel stress; and if they keep seeing your logo in these foreign climes they will be signed on for life, in some circumstances.