Grey Nomads in China: Travel for Retirees

Well, I don’t think that we will be seeing too many grey nomads on the roads in China with their caravans swaying behind them in the shadow of the Great Wall. Much more likely, to have a whole bunch of them sitting snug inside their comfy tour bus and listening to the sing-song chatter of their Chinese tour guide. Grey nomads in China: Travel for retirees, yes Siree, they are on the move and coming to a tourist attraction near you. Whether it be the Entombed Warriors – The Terracotta Army or The Forbidden City (nothing is forbidden when you are over sixty) these older folk will be chewing the fat with cameras and IPhones outstretched.

Grey Nomads in China: Travel for Retirees

Your retiree has, generally, paid his or her dues to society, gone to work each and every day, brought up a family, maybe fought in a war, set up a SMSF; and now they are ready to see the world. Could be a cruise around the Pacific, through Asia, or flying direct into Beijing and getting on a tour bus to see the many sights that China has to offer. Buddhist Pagodas might be on the menu, the Temple of Heaven, the Shilin Stone forest, the Wudang Mountains, Tiger Leaping Gorge, or the Mogao Caves; to name just a few amazing sights in China.

China is full of incredible things to do and see. Don’t forget Hong Kong and Macao and all that yummy food, gambling and nightlife. How about a Yangtze River cruise to blow the cobwebs from your mind? Hang out at the Hanging Monastery! Pipe up in the Reed Flute Cave and prepare yourself to be truly amazed. If grottoes are your thing, then the Longman Grottoes will tower above your expectations.  The Hani Terraces will show you what a really big canvas looks like when painted with hundreds of years of agriculture.

Grey nomads will never be the same after a trip to the Middle Kingdom. Their ideas about China and Chinese people will be given a giant push into another dimension. They say that travel broadens the mind, well, travel in China stretches it like life does to skin over six or seven decades. Experience makes us who we are; and lives well-lived in are a bit like China, they may not look all sleek and perfect on the outside, but they sure know what life is all about.