Chiropractors in China: Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong

Chiropractors have conquered the great divide between East and West. You will find chiropractors in China: Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. These great cities and more are now home to the healing hands of professionally trained chiropractors. In some ways, Chiro is an American modality, and like many successful American things it too has now been exported across the globe. It is not only Hollywood and McDonalds starring on screens and streets in China, Chiro is making a big impact on the shores of the Middle Kingdom.

Chiropractors in China: Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong

Sport’s science has helped lead the way for the chiropractor in China, to some extent, with things like the massive Beijing Olympic Games. Chiropractors on national sporting teams from countries like the USA, Canada, the Bahamas and the Philippines all made their presence felt. It could only be a matter of time before opportunities were taken up by expat chiropractors and local Chinese people wishing to train. China is a huge untapped market for Chiro, and people are only just beginning to realise that. It is still just a drop in the ocean at the moment, but it will grow, as it is already showing signs of.

Chiropractors in China: Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong are servicing expats and local Chinese, who have heard about the efficacy of chiropractic. Chiro may well be from a completely different background to Traditional Chinese Medicine and expressions of that, like acupuncture, but in many ways it shares some attributes. Both modalities are very outcome based in their pragmatic methodology to healing. People in China are in a hurry to achieve outcomes, like Western levels of middle class wealth, and they want the lifestyles and accoutrements that go with that.

Chiropractic healing is a very practical Western way of healing; it is fast and effective. Many of the local people working around one of the American expat chiropractors working in Beijing want to train and become chiropractors themselves. I can see more Western chiropractors coming and working here, and many Chinese people training to become chiropractors. We have seen this development happening in other countries, like Australia and the UK. This is an American export industry with a proven track record of success. The Olympic Games was a great help, and that positive association with Chiro continues to aid  its development in places like China. Athletes love their chiro, so it appears very attractive to everyone else.