Chinese Social Media: When in China

China has over 1.319 billion people and they have all their own digital platforms for social media. So, social media is very big in China, like everything else in China, big big big BIG! When you want to reach that big audience in China it pays to know and understand the social media options they have on offer. You may have a product or service that you wish to market in China; and social media can fan some flames of interest for you. Here is a brief rundown of what to expect and what each platform can specifically offer.

Chinese Social Media: When in China

There are over 300 million people using social media in China, so, that is a huge market to reach. A social media management agency could work wonders with these kinds of numbers. Looking at the top five social media apps in the Chinese market, they each have particular pros and cons.

Sina Weibo – Looking at the multifunction capabilities of this very popular app, you can see why they call it the Chinese Twitter (and that has nothing to do with Mah-jong). It has the ability to share images and videos; and it is the most popular app for Chinese celebrities wishing to interact with their many fans. Sina Weibo has twice the number of users that Twitter does, which just goes to show how big a place China really is. This app can help marketers reach a giant sized audience.

Tencent – This app is really an instant messenger using the QQ platform. It does, however, allow users to share images and videos, and to update their status. It also, incorporates numerous different websites on the one platform; meaning that Tencent has the largest number of registered users in China. It does have its own social networking site called Pengyou. This app, again, offers marketers and advertisers a huge audience.

Douban – Boasting around 80 million active users every month, Douban, is an open forum style platform, which is mainly used for movie, book and music reviews. Being an open forum it allows unregistered users to access many of its features, which may be attractive to marketers.

Renren – This could be called the Facebook of China, as it encourages users to connect with their friends, update their status, share videos, images, music and links. It has around 150 million registered users and over 30 million people actively using it every month.

WeChat РThis mobile chat and voice app allows its users to discover each other through friend discovery, which identifies other WeChat users in the area. It is China’s Premier instant messaging app and currently it has more than 100 million people using it.