Chinese Medicine Attracts Health-Conscious Tourists

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has millions of converts all over the West. These people shifted their allegiance to these older and more traditional means of healing because they could not find relief from allopathic medicine. Modern medicine in the West is in large part based on statistical medicine, it services large majorities of people and cannot help those who do not respond to the prescribed treatments proffered. Medicine in the West is a capitalistic, free enterprise business; and that is why we have Big Pharma. These huge corporations straddling the globe and controlling who gets what at what price for what conditions. Doctors are like middlemen writing prescriptions for the drugs produced by these mega-sized conglomerates and convincing their patients that they need them. One of the unforesen results has been a backlash called medical tourism.

Big Pharma’s cornucopia of drugs has been largely unsuccessful in effectively treating chronic health conditions in our societies. Asthma, allergies, CFS and many of the modern ailments do not respond to the pharmaceutical solutions currently in the chemist’s cupboards across the planet. Firstly, there was a loud denial from the medical establishment and the business establishment that these conditions existed at all. The sufferers must be making up their numerous symptoms and inability to function, was the general consensus. Government health agencies and social programs allowed these people to fall painfully through the cracks.

Chinese Medicine Attracts Health-Conscious Tourists

The heath carers who picked these people up and treated them were alternative practitioners; the previously marginalised among health professionals. They had been refused any recognised status by the jealous gods who ran the medical establishment and their government cohorts. All of a sudden, or so it seemed, thousands of people were seeking an alternative view about their health complaints. Even more startlingly, these people were finding cures and relief in these alternative treatments. Many of these treatments were based on the principles and practices of Chinese Medicine (TCM). Excessive and non-existent menstrual bleeding are conditions that can benefit from TCM treatments.

With the growing popularity more and more training schools popped up in America, Australia and Europe; demand was fed by supply. As more information became available Western students began studying in China. Eventually, health-conscious tourists began going to the source to seek treatments. There are still many sceptics among the medical fraternity here in the West; they feel that they are the only truly scientific solution to humanity’s health problems. There are also a small minority of doctors who have trained in both disciplines. The leading medical research journals in the West are full of evidence based research acknowledging the efficacy of many TCM practices. However, the medical establishment manages by dint of Big Pharma’s deep pockets to keep the media’s spotlight firmly on its own drug based expensive solutions.