China Intolerant to undocumented Tourists

The official position of the Chinese government is one of intolerance toward the sex tourism market. It is important to understand that sex tourism is about economics. Men from wealthier countries travel to poorer countries to have sex there cheaply. They literally get more bang for their buck in these places. China sees itself as the regional economic power in Asia. There are Chinese men travelling to poorer parts of Asia to have sex with the women there. The Chinese government does not condone prostitution, but for many single Chinese men it is the only sexual outlet open to them.

China is not particularly interested in being a sex tourism destination for Westerners and is happy to see them visiting countries in South-East-Asia instead. Thailand and Indonesia are favourite stop-overs for men seeking cheap sex in foreign countries. A recent visit involving four hundred Japanese men travelling to China for sex with five hundred local prostitutes garnered a great deal of bad press for the Japanese. No nation likes to think about people from other countries coming over and fucking their women; it is a patriotically sensitive issue. Especially in this case when you remember what the Japanese did in China during the Second World War.

 China Intolerant to Sex Tourists

Countries that do turn a blind eye to sex tourism in return for the economic windfall it delivers, usually do so because they have little alternative. These places are most often resource poor and have little, or no other, industries contributing to the nation’s economy. Many island nations like Malta, and the Pacific island nations are in this situation. With escorts and the income derived from their activities making up a large part of the revenue coming into these places. Which is why, local residents are so keen to see their children try and make a life elsewhere if possible.

It is one of the brutal realities of poverty, the wealthy will screw you any way they can. Lady-boys in Thailand and elsewhere are generating quite a bit of sex tourism from the West and other places. The homosexual and bisexual markets are joining the traditional heterosexual market to make countries like Thailand international commercial sex hubs. The way the world is set-up right now you cannot eradicate prostitution; it would be more constructive to put energy into making the industry hygienically safer for both sex workers and their clients.