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Macau: The Gambling Capital of China

Macau is regarded by many as the “Las Vegas of Asia” due to the city’s luxurious casinos and regal hotels that matches that of Las Vegas’. This peninsula city is also said to be bigger than Las Vegas in terms of profits, thanks to gambling. In fact, the government of Macau gets almost half of its revenues from gambling, which is also why tourists across the globe flock here to try their luck.

In every direction, you’ll see hotels and casinos exorbitantly ornamented with impressive chandeliers inside while the exteriors are lighted impressively, which add to the city’s glitz and glamour. Casinos in Macau are always thronged with gamblers and tourists playing roulette, blackjack, poker and slot machines, among others. Most of high rollers in Macau are from China, Hongkong and other neighboring cities, who go to the city and gamble lots of money. On the other hand, tourists only bet their money in casinos just to experience the thrill and fun of the game of chance.

Gambling Activities in Macau

Gamblers and tourists can take part in different gambling activities in Macau. Generally, these are categorised into casino games, greyhound racing, sports betting and lotteries. Online gambling is also popular in Macau; however, those interested in making a wager can only do so from two websites. Horse race betting is facilitated by Macau Jockey Club while sports betting is accessible via Macauslot’s online portal. Online gamblers can place their bets in different horse race events in Macau and other neighbouring cities, and even in Australia by visiting associated websites such as and some key Asian cities such as Hong Kong.

On-course and off-course horse race betting and greyhound racing are among the favourites of gamblers in Macau. For horse races alone, there are at least 210 race betting on-course terminals and 80 off-course terminals in and around the city. Moreover, the city has provided off-course betting stations for greyhound racing that are situated at Kam Pek casino, Jai-Alai Palace and Hotel Lisboa.

In such a short time, Macau has become the world’s gambling destination. Whether it be casino games, greyhound and horse race betting, sports betting or lotteries, Macau has it all for you! There are also existing and upcoming tourist attractions that holidaymakers and travellers will surely enjoy. Truly, Macau is the gambling capital not only of China but also of the world.

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