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The Ease of Microsoft Application for the Travel Industry

An employee’s ability to effectively manage time is the key to success in any industry or field of endeavor. However, one can waste a lot of time searching for documents that they need. An employee stores files all over several network drives and even some individual desktops.

When project leaders brew up a new project, they have to look for team members and hold meetings. Then emails starts flying back and forth and soon important documents emerge. These documents get passed around and around within a couple of weeks and a couple of dozen phone calls on top of it. Soon enough, everybody feels overwhelmed with everyone else’s inbox filled with slightly different versions of the same document. Also, one is unsure if they do have the latest version. Hence, it is impossible to see a complete snapchat of the entire project. It is just too difficult to connect all data.

The ease of Microsoft Application for the travel industry is beneficial in all aspects.


It offers solutions that contain all industry specific functionalities. The ease of creating an online home for the project by starting a new Microsoft Sharepoint site comes pretty handy. For example, to help fill up the team, one can easily identify potential team members with special skills using the search button. Within minutes travel agents can be found to collaborate on a certain project. Once the team is formed, employees can even learn that they have more in common, thanks to Sharepoint blogs. They will be able to know and share common interests thus help build relationships that create a solid team foundation.

For projects, you have a little to worry about attachments and version control, Microsoft Sharepoint becomes the source for everything related to the project. All documents contained in Sharepoint will only have one version. The same is true for calendars. The team shared calendars means no one has to guess about meeting times or due dates, customer bookings and future trips. Travel agents can soon realize that whenever they need budget spreadsheets and presentations, it comes easy. Instead of employees having to start from scratch, they can search Sharepoint for documents from other projects that can help them get started quickly. The same is true for existing data bases and networks within the travel company.

Microsoft Sharepoint plugs into these systems so that the team can assess bookings data,inventory and contact information. It creates a home that not only connects information but allows the company to see the big picture. Employees can always look forward to the next project even while they are on vacation too.


China Blue Syndrome in Sydney

Those who are looking for an opportunity to explore exotic Asian beauties should go to Sydney. The city’s red light district is teeming with brothels that feature escorts that are of oriental heritage. Aside from this, there are a lot of  adult things to do in Sydney that everyone will surely enjoy.

Asian brothels in Sydney are the topmost destination of businessmen, frat guys and travellers who are yearning to spend their nights with oriental ladies. In fact, the exotic beauty of Asian women makes them sought after by most men. Aside from their striking appeal, Asian escorts are known to be sweet and submissive. This being said, they can also be seductive, wild and sexually daring.

China Blue Syndrome in Sydney

Everyone wants that tasty Asian dish. Since Sydney is a melting pot of various races, the city can accommodate every man’s Asian craving. Aside from restaurants, the cathouses in the city are one of a kind. Oriental women who work in these brothels are not your ordinary drug using hookers. For the most part, they are wholesome and are looking for fun and quick bucks.

Much of the well-sought premier Asian brothels in Sydney are in Surry Hills. These cathouses boast the “escort experience that will make you come back for more”. Most of the ladies here are stunning Chinese, Japanese, Thais and Koreans. Anyone can enjoy a passionate and sensual night for a reasonable price. Aside from a roster of Asian women, these brothels have private rooms where guests can comfortably enjoy their stay.

The Other Side of Sydney for Adults

Other than liaising with Asian ladies, travellers can book an array of adult activities and attractions in the city. There are live cabaret shows, casino shows, ghost tours and brewery tours available.

If you are up for one hell of a scary night, join the Quarantine Station Ghost Tour. Explore the haunted sites in Sydney while listening at true to life ghost stories. Tours happen nightly at 8pm, except during Mondays and Tuesdays.

Party animals are advised to enjoy the wild and vibrant Sydney nightlife. Take pleasure in overflowing beers, sexy strangers and funky music up until the sun rises. Meanwhile, music lovers can enjoy a sumptuous buffet at the Sydney Harbour. They can feast on delicious meals while listening to a live jazz band.


Macau: The Gambling Capital of China

Macau is regarded by many as the “Las Vegas of Asia” due to the city’s luxurious casinos and regal hotels that matches that of Las Vegas’. This peninsula city is also said to be bigger than Las Vegas in terms of profits, thanks to gambling. In fact, the government of Macau gets almost half of its revenues from gambling, which is also why tourists across the globe flock here to try their luck.

In every direction, you’ll see hotels and casinos exorbitantly ornamented with impressive chandeliers inside while the exteriors are lighted impressively, which add to the city’s glitz and glamour. Casinos in Macau are always thronged with gamblers and tourists playing roulette, blackjack, poker and slot machines, among others. Most of high rollers in Macau are from China, Hongkong and other neighboring cities, who go to the city and gamble lots of money. On the other hand, tourists only bet their money in casinos just to experience the thrill and fun of the game of chance.

Gambling Activities in Macau

Gamblers and tourists can take part in different gambling activities in Macau. Generally, these are categorised into casino games, greyhound racing, sports betting and lotteries. Online gambling is also popular in Macau; however, those interested in making a wager can only do so from two websites. Horse race betting is facilitated by Macau Jockey Club while sports betting is accessible via Macauslot’s online portal. Online gamblers can place their bets in different horse race events in Macau and other neighbouring cities, and even in Australia by visiting associated websites such as and some key Asian cities such as Hong Kong.

On-course and off-course horse race betting and greyhound racing are among the favourites of gamblers in Macau. For horse races alone, there are at least 210 race betting on-course terminals and 80 off-course terminals in and around the city. Moreover, the city has provided off-course betting stations for greyhound racing that are situated at Kam Pek casino, Jai-Alai Palace and Hotel Lisboa.

In such a short time, Macau has become the world’s gambling destination. Whether it be casino games, greyhound and horse race betting, sports betting or lotteries, Macau has it all for you! There are also existing and upcoming tourist attractions that holidaymakers and travellers will surely enjoy. Truly, Macau is the gambling capital not only of China but also of the world.

Fantastic Group Tours Through China

China is a country full of amazing diversity with what seems like a billion things to see, besides the fantastic people of course! With sights like the Great Wall of China, sprawling city scapes full of the latest shopping and style and a range of food to die for,China has something for everyone! You will never regret exploring every part of China as it leaves lovely experiences and memories that gives satisfaction and enjoyment for everyone’s life.

Travelling with a group is one of the best ways to experience China, not only do you get to meet lots of like-minded people but the benefit of having a guide can be indispensable. You can make your trip worthy and memorable by having a great itinerary organized by your group tours. You can find affordable and reasonable prices online or get a great deal personally. There are a lot of package tour groups to choose from and can compare where is the best one suited for your budget.

Fantastic Group Tours Through China

China is one of the most visited country in the world. Because of its great landscape, grassland, desert, mountain ranges, lakes and rivers, it made the entire country richest not only on its economics but also for its great wonders. One of the iconic symbols of China is the Great Wall which is the longest wall in the world. It is one of the famous tourist attractions. In fact, it is place among “the New Seven Wonders of the World” and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China. Along the journey, you wouldn’t complain about the long walks as it will take you to amazing sceneries. The Silk Road is the world’s oldest and most historically overland trade route. You can find popular souvenirs and local products that you may bring back to your country as a remembrance. Taste also their popular food while having a break time from the tour.

Shanghai is the biggest city and the financial capital of China. Find different great attractions in this location. Many expats choose to live and work here not only by getting the advantage of living in a famous city but to receive high paid salary yet cost of living should be considered as well. Apart from being the capital city of China, Beijing is also the high tech and actual capital with great shopping. You will see different kind of shops and a huge variety of goods sells on each store. From souvenirs shop, antique shop, electronics shop and many more shopping centers, you can find all kind of stuff you want. Xian which was an old capital and home of the terracotta warriors is famous for historical importance. Explore historical monuments and a plethora of ancient ruins and tombs in the vicinity. There are still longer list for great places to visit in China. Through group tours, you will understand and explore the country very well.

Chinese Medicine Attracts Health-Conscious Tourists

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has millions of converts all over the West. These people shifted their allegiance to these older and more traditional means of healing because they could not find relief from allopathic medicine. Modern medicine in the West is in large part based on statistical medicine, it services large majorities of people and cannot help those who do not respond to the prescribed treatments proffered. Medicine in the West is a capitalistic, free enterprise business; and that is why we have Big Pharma. These huge corporations straddling the globe and controlling who gets what at what price for what conditions. Doctors are like middlemen writing prescriptions for the drugs produced by these mega-sized conglomerates and convincing their patients that they need them. One of the unforesen results has been a backlash called medical tourism.

Big Pharma’s cornucopia of drugs has been largely unsuccessful in effectively treating chronic health conditions in our societies. Asthma, allergies, CFS and many of the modern ailments do not respond to the pharmaceutical solutions currently in the chemist’s cupboards across the planet. Firstly, there was a loud denial from the medical establishment and the business establishment that these conditions existed at all. The sufferers must be making up their numerous symptoms and inability to function, was the general consensus. Government health agencies and social programs allowed these people to fall painfully through the cracks.

Chinese Medicine Attracts Health-Conscious Tourists

The heath carers who picked these people up and treated them were alternative practitioners; the previously marginalised among health professionals. They had been refused any recognised status by the jealous gods who ran the medical establishment and their government cohorts. All of a sudden, or so it seemed, thousands of people were seeking an alternative view about their health complaints. Even more startlingly, these people were finding cures and relief in these alternative treatments. Many of these treatments were based on the principles and practices of Chinese Medicine (TCM). Excessive and non-existent menstrual bleeding are conditions that can benefit from TCM treatments.

With the growing popularity more and more training schools popped up in America, Australia and Europe; demand was fed by supply. As more information became available Western students began studying in China. Eventually, health-conscious tourists began going to the source to seek treatments. There are still many sceptics among the medical fraternity here in the West; they feel that they are the only truly scientific solution to humanity’s health problems. There are also a small minority of doctors who have trained in both disciplines. The leading medical research journals in the West are full of evidence based research acknowledging the efficacy of many TCM practices. However, the medical establishment manages by dint of Big Pharma’s deep pockets to keep the media’s spotlight firmly on its own drug based expensive solutions.


Welcome To Our New Bilingual Site!

After many years of planning we’re now almost ready to launch our new bilingual version of this website!

We are happy to announce our new partnerships with travel companies not just in China, but also Italy, Australia, the USA, Japan and the United Kingdom.

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